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Thirsty Girl, Sigel’s, and Marilyn Wines went all out to create a night to remember.  Marilyn wines produces many different wines including Sauvignon Blonde and Marilyn Merlot.  The Marilyn Merlot 2009 is the 25th anniversy wine that they have released.  Many are collectors of the Marilyn wines, so few have had the opportunity to taste it, even the people who sell it!  We tasted Sauvignon Blonde 2010, Marilyn Merlot 2009, Marilyn Merlot 2008, and Norma Jeane 2010.  It was held at Sigels on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, TX.  Sigel’s was so thrilled with the amount of people who attended, they told us they would love to do many more FREE tastings for Thirsty Girl.  Yee-Haw! (as we say in Texas).

A company called Rock Stars provided us with a model dressed as Marilyn, and of course, she was a great hit.  Gorgeous girl and really worked the crowd.

The main event for the evening was the drawing for diamond earrings (the winner must wait until later this month to find out if they won the faux or real diamonds) – diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!

Fun was had by all.  Here are a few pictures from the event.

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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010, was my first class at the International Sommelier Guild.  The class will meet for 16 weeks, every Sunday, from 12-6pm.  We learned so much that I am behind already!  We raced through all the material, I was writing so fast and still missed information.  We are starting off with grape varietals.  During class 1, we studied the Chardonnay grape and the Sauvignon Blanc grape.  We did two blind wine tastings – 6 at one time during the first half of class and 6 others during the second half of class. 

The instructor, Karla Barber (President of the Dallas Chapter of Women for WineSense) , was kind enough to bring in a plethora of “picnic food”  –  3 types of cheese, sausage, olives, almonds, warm baguette bread.  Awesome.  It looks like there will be about 10 people in the class – some are somewhat advanced and some don’t know much at all.  I think I’m right in the middle (maybe I’m boasting)…

Since our text book is not in yet, I went to the Allen and Plano libraries looking for wine books.  I also browsed through the collection of books at Borders and Barnes & Noble.  So many of them are full of beautiful pictures.

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The challenge for week 2 is to talk about a wine region that I am least familiar with.  I am happy to do that because I will be travelling to Paris, France next year.  Part of my plan is to visit vineyards and winemakers of the Champagne region and the Loire Valley region (which I am least familiar with).

I happenned to attend a wine tasting event at Vino100 in Dallas, Texas this past week.  I was speaking with the marketing representative from a South African winery, and he offered me a Chenin Blanc.  I hesitated for a moment when a friend of mine asked if I had ever tasted a Vouvray, which I have.  She said that Vouvray is made from the Chenin Blanc grape which is a huge export of the Loire Valley….who knew?  Vouvray can be dry, medium dry, sweet and sparkling.  Sparkling – my favorite!  Well, I actually haven’t tried it yet, but any type of grape that comes in a bubbly texture has got to be good, am I right?

Another varietal of the Loire Valley is the Cabernet Franc.  Have I tried this before?  Perhaps in a blend?  Hey, I was correct!  I was visiting the site http://www.loirevalleywine.com/ which mentions that varietal is mainly for blending.  This site is quite informative for my challenge.  It also mentions that the Loire Valley is France’s most diverse wine region, producing excellent and affordable wines in every style.  The more I read about the wine region and what it produces, the more set in stone my plans will be to visit there.

An 80 page magazine/book about the Loire Valley wines is available and can be sent to the US only.

Vouvray Wine Cork

Had one of my old standby’s this weekend – Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand has a reputation for producing excellent wines of this kind. Monkey Bay is slightly under $10 – another Sauv Blanc from NZ is Kim Crawford’s – sets you back by about $15….I’d like to hear what you think…do you like Sauv Blanc? If so, what is your favorite?