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Extraordinary Women of Spain: Chefs and Winemakers

Two good friends of mine are experts on culinary experiences.  I am so excited to fill you in on an outstanding women’s travel series called the Extraordinary Women of Spain:  Chefs and Winemakers. This travel series is co-created  by Epicopia Culinary Journeys and Epicurean Ways (the two good friends of mine).  There will initially be 5 trips to Spain to savor the culinary aspects of many different regions.  The first tour will be in the Catalonia & Barcelona region which includes visiting a total of no less than 10+ Michelin Star women chefs- all in 8 days!  Talk about some expressive, mind-blowing meals (with fabulous wines to match of course).  Speaking of wine, the winemakers you will meet include world-renowned masters of the craft, as well as passionate owners of small wineries .  Departure is set for June 16 – 24, 2012.

Each itinerary is designed for women, about women. Your Experience Director, Gabriella Ranelli de Aguirre is a recognized leading specialist in the food,
wine, art and architecture of Spain. She is the go-to person for the international press on matters gastronomic.

The travel series will continue to include five eight-night itineraries in Spain before braching out to other countries  and will also feature the women chefs & winemakers in The Levant: Alicante & Valencia offered October 20 – 28, 2012. The 2013
itineraries will include women chefs & winemaker in La Rioja and Basque Country, the region of Galicia, and Madrid: Town and countryside.

According to Harold, a 40 year veteran of the travel industry, “Women Chefs & Winemakers in Catalonia brings you deep into an elite wine and food region with plenty of time to linger, savor, reflect, discover and learn from the extraordinary Catalan women creating food and crafting wine in their own unique way.”

So…I ask:

When was the last time you were inspired? Had the chance to hang out with smart like-minded women and explore a region unfettered by your everyday duties and responsibilities? When was the last time you took the time to indulge your interests in food and wine? Have you ever said to yourself?  Someday I‟m going to get away on my own?  Well it‟s time to make it happen.

My friends mentioned not to delay – the 10 Michelin Star Journey is limited to 15 women.  Contact Harold Partain for Epicopia Culinary Journeys at 972.771.3510 or Toll Free 877.661.3844 or Email: hpartain@epicopia.com.

If you can’t wait to see or hear more before getting in touch with him, here is the link to the fabulous itinerary:  http://tinyurl.com/62bdmcd.  I am salivating as I write!


Extraordinary Women of Spain: Chefs and Winemakers

A co-created travel project from – Epicopia Culinary Journeys & Epicurean Ways

The first travel experience offered in this Extraordinary Women of Spain series will feature the women chefs & winemakers of the Basque Country, La Rioja and Barcelona regions. The creation of the Extraordinary Women of Spain program is a co-operative project of Epicurean Ways and Epicopia Culinary Journeys.  This first travel experience will be offered in late May/early June 2012. The 10 night program is limited to maximum of 15 guests.  Designed for women only the experience is hosted by Spain’s leading woman wine and food specialist guide.

Epicurean Ways is the foremost designer of “uncommon wine and culinary experiences in Spain.” Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Epicurean Ways is a proud sponsor of the North American Wine Bloggers Conference July 22 – 24, 2011. Founded by Jane Gregg, Epicurean Ways offers private custom food and wine tours in Spain. Each trip is designed according to the highest standards. Drawing on intimate knowledge of Spanish cuisines, regions and cultures developed over many years of experience in Spain, Epicurean Ways
partners with the finest Spanish chefs, winemakers and guides for each unique program.

Well, talk about kismet!  I happen to be attending the conference Jane Gregg is sponsoring.  As Epicopia Culinary Journeys (see below) is a client of mine (My company is A to Zinfandel Social Media for ~ wine ~ food ~ tourism industries.), this is a wonderful opportunity to meet Jane and discuss the trip at length from her perspective.

Epicopia Culinary Journeys, founded in 2006 by Harold D. Partain, CTC, CCTP was created to provide clients and guests with the ultimate in food & wine travel experiences. Originally conceived as a collection of travel experiences the company has evolved to be a premier designer and creator of small group, individual and family culinary focused adventures.

“We believe cuisine is the tactile connection to breathing history. Culture and history we can taste. Our motto is ‘eat local, drink local
with the locals’ …”