Central Market (CM) in the Dallas area is allowing us to live, even if for just a brief moment in time, in the culinary hideouts of France from May 9-22, 2012. Oh to be in France! Those magical moments in time…err…to be in France while having your feet planted in Texas, I mean, which to some Texans it is even better.

Each year CM “armchair travels” us to a country known for its culinary riches, and wow, have they hit the high mark with France. The event is called “Passport France”. The employees greet you with a “bon jour”, and occasionally take a peek at their mini laminated phrase card – hey, you have to start somewhere!

During this period, there are offering all things culinary French!  In Part One of this review, I mentioned many products to indulge in.  This week they have even more to offer (view brochure).  In terms of wine, they are spotlighting a Burgundy Pinot Noir, a Fourrey Chablis, a Provence Rose, and an Alsace Pinot Gris.  On all French wine, they are offering 20% off 6-17 bottles, and 25% off 18 bottles or more.  Food – oh la la!  Triple creme Belletoile brie, a rich yet mellow cheese; rustic baguettes; herb infused vinegars, apidis honey (wild lavender, acacia, spring flowers, or forest); truffle mustard or mayonnaise; and of course big, beautiful, sunflowers reminescent of the south of France.

As CM says:  “If French cuisine is your scene, then don’t miss Passport France.”