Well, let’s see, what can I say that I haven’t already said.  Heat + humidity do not mix with social outings. I’ll try to shut up now. Approximately 4-6 hours were set aside to visit the vineyards of Virginia as attendees piled into random buses not knowing which wineries they would visit.  As the travelers dripped their way back to the hotel, I heard a lot of good things, and a lot of bad.  Good = lunch inside.  Bad = lunch outside.  All loved the wineries tours, all mixed on the quality of VA wine; but that VA Viogniers seem to be best known and best liked.   Some of the wineries visited were White Hall, King Family, Flying Fox, Cardinal Point and Afton Mountain – to name a few.  We were offered a pre-dinner reception with Cognac/EU…who scheduled this?  Cognac pre-dinner??  The dinner was alot of fun.  Wine Blog Awards were announced by a very colorful presenter.  We tasted 12? wines to pair with the food, which was so-so.  I felt sorry for the servers who seemed totally out of their element serving that much wine.  Evening ended with a Vibrant Rioja Crawl – more to follow in next post!