The challenge for week 2 is to talk about a wine region that I am least familiar with.  I am happy to do that because I will be travelling to Paris, France next year.  Part of my plan is to visit vineyards and winemakers of the Champagne region and the Loire Valley region (which I am least familiar with).

I happenned to attend a wine tasting event at Vino100 in Dallas, Texas this past week.  I was speaking with the marketing representative from a South African winery, and he offered me a Chenin Blanc.  I hesitated for a moment when a friend of mine asked if I had ever tasted a Vouvray, which I have.  She said that Vouvray is made from the Chenin Blanc grape which is a huge export of the Loire Valley….who knew?  Vouvray can be dry, medium dry, sweet and sparkling.  Sparkling – my favorite!  Well, I actually haven’t tried it yet, but any type of grape that comes in a bubbly texture has got to be good, am I right?

Another varietal of the Loire Valley is the Cabernet Franc.  Have I tried this before?  Perhaps in a blend?  Hey, I was correct!  I was visiting the site which mentions that varietal is mainly for blending.  This site is quite informative for my challenge.  It also mentions that the Loire Valley is France’s most diverse wine region, producing excellent and affordable wines in every style.  The more I read about the wine region and what it produces, the more set in stone my plans will be to visit there.

An 80 page magazine/book about the Loire Valley wines is available and can be sent to the US only.

Vouvray Wine Cork